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The publication is divided in four chapters. 

On the first one you will know the exact location of Tijuana, other cities that are on the same latitude, that it is one of the few cities of Mexico that has islands, its climate, its flora and fauna. Also that the name of Tijuana is placed on ships and streets of Mexico, on music bands, restaurants, bars, discos and coffee shops in different cities of the world such as Belgrade, capital of Serbia (former province of Yugoslavia); Aachen, Munich and Oberhausen, in Germany, Barcelona and Madrid in Spain; Milan Italy; Winnipeg, Canada, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico among others.
You will also know that Tijuana and San Diego are united by a valley and both conform a single metropolitan region.

The lecture of this book will permit you to know when and why the city was born. Plus who where the first settlers and Europeans in the region. You will learn that Tijuana was part of San Diego and San Diego part of Mexico. You will understand which were the first ranches and family owners. Also that Tijuana was a town like in the old west, the defense of Tijuana and that it is a historic city. Information about the “Volsted Act” (Prohibition or Dry Law) the first racetrack, the famous Casino ”Agua Caliente”, the Casino on the islands and the distinguished visitors that passed by, Movie Stars, the ”Tia Juana” legend and other historical data of Tijuana. Let’s not forget that Tijuana is a young city but with plenty of history.

It is the name of the third chapter and it is about distinguished men and women, born or adopted by Tijuana, whose actions made greater the name of our city. Within them, actresses such as Maria Rubio and Elsa Cardenas; popular wrestlers such as Rey Mysterio; singers and baseball players as Adrian Gonzalez and Esteban Loaiza; famous boxers such as Erik “Terrible” Morales, Jackie Nava and others; Important matadors such as Rogelio Leduc, Jose Rodriguez “Pepillo” and Alejandro Amaya. Also the names of Tijuana natives that have been on the Olympic games.

This last chapter refers to the authentic and original Tijuana facts. While reading it you will feel prouder of being a Tijuana Citizen. It talks about the many things we have only in Tijuana, for example:
We are the most visited border in the world. The name of foreign and Mexican movies filmed in Tijuana, you will be surprised! That we have the only BULLRING BY THE SEA in the globe, that CESARS SALAD´S birthplace is Tijuana, the “Bajamed food” in Tijuana, the CECUT (Tijuana’s main cultural exhibit center, that the first INFONAVIT (government funded housing buildings) in all of Mexico was built here, as well as the most beautiful scenic road in the country, which is the Tijuana-Ensenada Toll Road.

We will also see that the US-MEXICO border has a population of 12 million and why Tijuana is an important city. Also known as the TV Capital of the world. The house of the world known event ¨Tijuana Innovadora¨ (Innovative Tijuana) within other important facts. Tijuana has a lot to offer to the world, we must know it and let it be known by all.



¿Cuánto conoces de la historia de Tijuana?