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About the book

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 Divided in four chapters, the master piece has its purpose to awaken the interest in knowing the history and personality of Tijuana and its people. It invites the reader to investigate more of Tijuana and other cities that are mentioned.

They can be compared by year of foundation, by number of inhabitants, by its geographic location (latitude and meters above sea level) and also investigate the sister cities of Tijuana.

It speaks about the history and the people of Tijuana. It provokes the feeling of belonging to the city, because as the saying goes “to love something you first get to know it”. It reflects the good things of Tijuana. It mentions and talks about the important people of Tijuana. That it’s an heroic city.

With the book we try to change the incorrect perspective that some of the audience has of Tijuana, most of all from citizens across the border. Tijuana has a lot of good aspects that sometimes we forget to highlight or are unpublished or mostly pass unknown.