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Welcome to "Welcome to Tijuana" Book

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This is how we named this book because we want to welcome you to this one of a kind city. We want you to come visit and know it, it’s a photo and excerpts of the actual Tijuana, dynamic, modern, positive, industrial, innovative, creative, competitive, cosmopolitan, multicultural and more. It’s a bilingual and visual narrative of the city.   It is a publication of the didactic history with descriptive text.   It is a book of easy lecture for all the family.   It is a text that allows you to enjoy Tijuana.   It is a useful piece that surprises the readers because of the information and the curious data that it contains. The document is also a promotional tool of the city. It is a publication so that the people of Tijuana may feel proud of their city.  It gives positive elements to form a positive opinion of Tijuana and thus counter-count the bad image the city had. The text reminds us that Tijuana is called to play a big metropolitan roll. That the Casino de “Agua Caliente” was the inspiration for Las Vegas. The idea of developing it came from Tijuana. It can also be seen as the business card of the city. It is a publication that every family of Tijuana must have.

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Book is available in:

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